A photo that defines UMW

I think this photo defines UMW for several reasons.  The first has to do with the UMW banner: the banner is a sign of school spirit, and the dates shown on it represent the history of the school, as well as its location in historic Fredericksburg.  The second reason has to do with the trees in the background.  This scene is just a small example of how beautiful the campus is, especially in Autumn.  The campus is one of the main attractions of UMW.

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A photograph that defines me

Although I am not in this photo, I think it defines me in that it portrays how I feel and act most of the time.  Because I tend to procrastinate on everything, I get stressed from working right up to the deadline.  Sometimes I don’t think ahead; I just move forward without looking at the big picture.  And I’m a major introvert, so I like to do things by myself, and on my own terms.  (I took this photo in Spain).

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